BIORE CHARCOAL MICELLAR WATER- I've minimized my cleansing routine recently so this all-in-one product is my most favorite right now. I love that it works as makeup remover, refresher, and deep cleansing for your skin. I apply with a cotton ball on any irritated area and it drys off with no need to rinse afterwards. Also, Charcoal is a major key product if your skin is oily or overall just sensitive. 

WEN HAIR AND BODY DRY OIL- I love a product that can double up for more than just one thing. This hair and body oil does just THAT, not to mention it smells amazing(infused with lemon, vanilla bean, and rosemary) and a little amount goes a long way. 

GLOSSIER BOY BROW- The hype right now for Glossier is crazy! I've tried numerous products from the brand and they never disappoint. I'm on my 4th Boy Brow and I don't think I'll ever stop restocking my makeup bag with it. It's the perfect application if you want to enhance your natural brows and give 'em a fuller look. Although, I just wish there was more product in the packaging because it seems to run out so quickly for me. 

BELLA SPIRIT LIP TREATMENT- Another Wen family product that I'm loving! I have an obsession with lip balms, even though I always end up loosing them they are a must. This particular one is a lip restorative treatment so it keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. Again, a little amount goes a long way. 

AVOCADO OIL- I've seen such a change in my skin since I've been using avocado oil consistently. My skin is brighter than ever, I get less breakouts, and my face stays moisturized and hydrated (Of course, a good diet has a lot to do with your skin too). I apply the oil every night after I wash my face and massage it in upward motions then pat it onto my skin for a fresh and effective application. TIP: patting oils or skincare helps absorb and lock in the product better.

NARS RADIANT LONGWEAR FOUNDATION- It's usually so hard for me to find the perfect foundation, but I live for this one! I love the natural and radiant finish, and since it's lightweight you can build on areas where you want more coverage. It's definitely a product that you can use daily and not feel like you're wearing a lot of makeup. 

OLLY UNDENIABLE BEAUTY- I'm probably the worst when it comes to taking daily vitamins so if you're like me these are so convenient for you. These Biotin, Keratin, and Vitamin C supplements are for hair, skin, and nails. Not to mention, easy to take with no water or food needed. There's more options of gummies to choose from online that I'm also excited to try soon. 

OPI NAIL STRENGTH POLISH- I was recommended this polish and I’ve been faithful to it ever since. I can’t stress enough the feeling of weak nails or the process of growing your natural nails and one breaking. I know you girls feel me. I apply this polish atleast once a week and my nails are much stronger and grow faster and healthier, it also has a shine finish. You can find this product at your local target or drug store.